How Much Is a 1921 Old Penny Worth?


The penny is amongst the earliest of British coins, being first minted in the 8th century AD.1921 old penny is worht £0.99.
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Answer 1921 is not a rare date for Lincoln cents. Well-worn it's worth about 10 cents. Lightly worn it's worth about $2.00 A nice uncirculated one is worth about $30.00 If the coin
A 1920-S Penny is worth 0.16, a 1920-D Penny is worth 0.08, A 1920(...
1. Inspect the penny carefully. The 1921 one penny is a George V penny, and you can view a similar coin on the Professional Coin Grading Service website (see Resources) Be certain
It is worth around .20 in grade good up to $7 in grade extra fine. Different amounts for the grades in between. Values are about what a dealer would pay. At this point it is better
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