How Much is a 1923 Peace Silver Dollar Worth?


There are several issues of the 1923 peace silver dollar. There are 1923, 1923 D and 1923 S. The mint mark S is for San Francisco and the D is for Denver. The value of the coins range between $14 and $4100.00.
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Retail prices are $22.00-35.00 for MS-60/MS-63.
The 1923 peace dollar is worth from $18.00 to $26.00 depending on its condition.
If the hair over the eye of Liberty and the feathers of the eagle are well worn, then the dollar is in very fine, or VF-20, condition. The coin would be valued at $10 to $15. To be
You are both correct. Most Peace dollars are common, and the 1923 -P (no mint mark) is the second highest mintage in the series, behind the 1922-P. But all of them, even the ones
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