How much is a 1923 Peace silver dollar worth?


There are several issues of the 1923 peace silver dollar. There are 1923, 1923 D and 1923 S. The mint mark S is for San Francisco and the D is for Denver. The value of the coins range between $14 and $4100.00.
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The 1923 Peace dollar is so common, circulated examples are only $16.00 to $19.00 retail. Mint State examples run from $25.00-35.00.
With the currently higher prices being paid for silver many of the older coins like the U.S. silver dollars are experiencing a rise in value. I am assuming that the coin you are asking
A Peace dollar is in Very Fine condition if Lady Liberty's hair is well worn above the eye but well defined over the ear. The eagle on the coin's back will have some feathers visible
With the date of 1979 it's just a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and has no silver in it so spend it.
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