How much is a 1925 penny worth?


A 1925 penny is worth 6 - 18 cents. The 1925-S is worth the most. This is the amount that a coin dealer would offer you. You can probably get more money for it, if you tried to sell it online.
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Value is 5 to 30 cents.
The 1925 cent had a mintage of 139,949,000 so it is not rare but it is getting old. If in a middle circulated grade it is worth .30, that is what a dealer would pay. I would just
The mint mark on a Peace dollar is located on the reverse to the left of the eagle's tail and under the word "one." Peace dollars of 1925 were only minted in Philadelphia
I checked my red book for you and the most it could possibly be worth(unless it was an error coin) is about $70.00.
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