How Much is a 1928 Dollar Bill Worth?


Determining the value of the 1928 one dollar bill depends on its condition and if you have a Silver Certificate. Without the certificate they are worth $40 to $200. If you have the certificate you can add between $12 to $50.
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A 1928 silver certificate's value depends very much on its condition and whether there is a small letter next to the date. If you can determine those 2 pieces of information, check
Series 1928 and 1928B are the better notes. They would range from $40.00 in
The value depends upon the. The grade (condition) of the Note. The series (1928, 1928 A, 1928 B, . 1928 G) and. The serial number. To estimate the grade of the Note see.
Valuing 1928 Dollar Bills. There are several versions of the 1928 one-dollar silver certificate. The notes feature a blue seal and a portrait of George Washington on the front and
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