How Much is a 1928 One Hundred Dollar Bill Worth?


A 1928 One Hundred Dollar Bill is valued at $100 to $250. The determination of its worth is revolved around the condition of the bill. A crumpled, wrinkled bill will be valued at the lower end and a crisp bill will be valued at the higher end.
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A $100 1928 bill is worth $100 -160 if it's circulated, and $250 if it
If it has a green seal, $125 in worn condition, up to $180 with only slight wear.
The 1928 small-size $1 silver certificate bills are worth $20 and up, depending on the condition.
The face value of a one dollar Silver Certificate is still its official value as currency. But that dollar today is worth far less than it was in 1928. Still, collectors do put a
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The 1928 One Dollar bill is judged by its condition. The categories are well-worn, worn, and crisp. A well-worn bill is worth $40 and if it is in crisp condition ...
Determining the value of the 1928 one dollar bill depends on its condition and if you have a Silver Certificate. Without the certificate they are worth $40 to ...
The 1928 $100 Dollar Bill has a picture of John J. Knox on the left hand side, and will have a blue stamp on the right hand side. The 1928 $100 Dollar Bill is ...
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