How Much is a 1928 One Hundred Dollar Bill Worth?


A 1928 One Hundred Dollar Bill is valued at $100 to $250. The determination of its worth is revolved around the condition of the bill. A crumpled, wrinkled bill will be valued at the lower end and a crisp bill will be valued at the higher end.
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Current retail is $5 to $10 depending on how worn the bill is.
The face value of a one dollar Silver Certificate is still its official value as currency. But that dollar today is worth far less than it was in 1928. Still, collectors do put a
Series 1928 and 1928B are the better notes. They would range from $40.00 in
The value depends upon the. The grade (condition) of the Note. The series (1928, 1928 A, 1928 B, . 1928 G) and. The serial number. To estimate the grade of the Note see.
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The 1928 One Dollar bill is judged by its condition. The categories are well-worn, worn, and crisp. A well-worn bill is worth $40 and if it is in crisp condition ...
A 1928 twenty dollar bill would have been signed by Tate and Mellon. In good condition, it can be worth up to $125. However, most are worth only around $25 as ...
According to Old Currency Values, a red seal five dollar bill from 1928 is worth $7 in circulated condition. These bills can be worth about double in uncirculated ...
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