How Much is a 1928 Penny Worth?


A 1928 penny is worth from 6 cents, all the way up to a whopping 35 cents. The 1928-S is worth the highest amount. This is what a coin dealer would offer you for this particular coin.
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It depends on the mintmark and condition. A 1928 penny with no mintmark (thus minted in Philadelphia) in not that great of condition might only be worth $10, however if it has a D
No mint mark - very worn, about 10 cents. Moderately worn, 50 cents. No wear, $1.50. has estimated the 1928 Wheat Penny Value at a minimum of 35 cents, one in great shape can be worth $175 or more.
There are several versions of the 1928 one-dollar silver certificate. The notes feature a blue seal and a portrait of George Washington on the front and a distinctive design on the
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