How Much Is a 1928 Red Seal Five Dollar Bill Worth?


Depending on its condition and the series, a 1928 red seal five dollar bill can be worth as much as $40. Other similar bills in perfect condition can bring in as much as $1,500. Many red seal bills have become extremely rare, so collectors will pay the highest amounts possible when they come up for sale. Because of this, you should have your bill evaluated and certified by a numismatic expert who has experience in antique bills.
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Answer In average circulated condition, it's worth about $10 If only very lightly circulated, it's worth about $15 A nice crisp uncirculated one is worth about $50
This is antique road show question go to an antique dealer that works for an auction house in the city you live in to have them look at the five dollar bill and get it appraise. Or
It may be worth about $7 with heavy wear to around $10 with
The most common red seals-from '28 to '63, are the "G" series, but there are A, B, C, D, E, and F's. The face value of most today is 2.50; a few are actually still in circulation
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Many collectors started saving money from around that year so it's not worth that much. It depends on where you are selling it. Some places are going to tell you ...
Depending on whether or not the bill had been circulated, 1953 b series red seal 5 dollar bills can be worth eight to thirty-two dollars. They have really become ...
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