How Much is a 1928 Silver Dollar Coin Worth?


The Peace Silver Dollar Coin is usually valued at its weight in silver and copper unless it is a key date coin. 1928 is a key date for the Peace Silver Dollar. A 1928 Silver Dollar is valued between $280 and $5000. You can find more information here:
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1928 Peace dollars are unusual in that the branch (San Francisco) mint variety is far more common than those made in Philadelphia. As of 11/2008, retail prices range from $18 for
The face value of a one dollar Silver Certificate is still its official value as currency. But that dollar today is worth far less than it was in 1928. Still, collectors do put a
If you are referring to the 1928 Peace Silver Dollar, the lowest grade is
The "silver" dollar is actually referred to as the "Suzie B". It depicts the image of Susan B. Anthony. I like the Sacajawea dollar coin better, it's pretty!
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A 1928 silver dollar's worth ranges between £173.79 and £3,103. The coin was made in three cities in the US which included Denver, San Francisco and ...
If you are really willing to part with that 1928 Silver Dollar, or you are just trying to find out what it is worth, you should check around before settling on ...
Determining the value of the 1928 one dollar bill depends on its condition and if you have a Silver Certificate. Without the certificate they are worth $40 to ...
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