How much is a 1928 twenty dollar bill worth?


A 1928 twenty dollar bill would have been signed by Tate and Mellon. In good condition, it can be worth up to $125. However, most are worth only around $25 as of 2012.
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A 1928 $20 bill is worth about $30-40 depending on the
A 1928 silver certificate's value depends very much on its condition and whether there is a small letter next to the date. If you can determine those 2 pieces of information, check
A 1935 dollar bill if it is not in perfect condition is worth only $1. If perfect, it might be worth $2 or $3. If it is a silver certificate, it will be worth $4 - $10. A star note
The 1928 small-size $1 silver certificate bills are worth $20 and up, depending on the condition.
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