How much is a 1929 1-cent penny worth?


The 1929 penny is a part of the Lincoln penny Series. It is valued at $0.03 to $16.88. If it is marked with an S or a D under the date then it will be valued closer to $16.38.
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If it is a US one cent, it is worth at least a dollar. If the condition is really nice it would be worth 5 or 10 dollars.
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Hello! A 1929 Wheat Penny; With no mint mark, in good condition is worth $0.15,
a 1929S cent is worth as follows:- 1929S mintage= 50,148,000 so not rare at all over 50 million struck from lowest grade to highest .80 - this is lowest grade 1.25 2.00 2.50 4.00
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