How much is a 1930 dime worth?


The 1930 Mercury Dime usually sells for $150 to $600. The 1930 S Mercury dime is worth a little bit more than the 1930 regular Mercury Dime in good condition. However, in perfect condition they are both worth about the same amount. You can find more information here:
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If its just a dime its worth 10 cents, but a sliver dime is worth about 56,000 dollars.
You need to be more specific. Ask you question like this filling in the < : What is the value of a <date> <country it was made in> <denomination>
Barber dimes were produced from 1892 to 1916. The Barber design was replaced by the Liberty head dime design. The 1899 Barber dime was produced in Philadelphia, San Fransisco and
A 1927 Mercury Dime is worth only $1.20. There is no high price for that one.
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