How much is a 1930 penny worth?


A US Lincoln cent dated 1930 in average circulated is from 25 cents to $1.50.
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Does it have a small D or a small S on it? There is no B. 1930 pennies are worth
The 1943 penny is a wartime penny that was silver colored instead of copper. A person can get twelve to fifteen cents for one that has been circulated and up to fifty cents if the
Wheat pennies were produced from 1909 through 1958 and are made of copper, zinc and tin. They have ears of wheat on one side with President Abraham Lincoln's face on the other. Since
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A penny from 1930 is worth 6 cents. If you have a 1930-D penny, it's also worth 6 cents, however a 1930-S is worth 8 times the face value of the penny. These amounts ...
The 1930 penny was a very common coin print and therefore has not gained nor decreased in value since it's first printing. However, if the penny has the Lincoln ...
A pound of pennies is worth 181 pennies. However, if the pennies used are from 1982 and earlier, it will be worth 146 pennies. The British pennies were made of ...
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