How Much is a 1935 Blue Seal Dollar Bill Worth?


You will need to know the grade, the condition, the series number and the variation in order to get an exact value amount. For example, the 1935 series is worth $15.00.
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The U.S. did not print any $20 bills with that date, and the last ones with a blue seal were printed in 1918. Please check your bill again and post a new question. If there is a small
well i asked my mom and she said that she would guess it to be worth around $70,000.wanna share? lol hope this helps :
Most 1935 dollar bills sell for $4-10 in circulated condition. Some are more valuable such as the star edition or the 1935B - those may sell for $30 or more. report this answer. Updated
The 1935 $10 bill is worth approximately $12.
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