How Much Is a 1936 Buffalo Nickel Worth?


A 1936 buffalo nickel is worth approximately 50 cents to 24 dollars as of December 5, 2012. Value will depend on condition and where it was minted.
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1936 is not a rare date for Buffalo nickels. In circulated condition, it's worth about 50 cents. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $30.
A 1936 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel is worth $0.35 to $0.40. The price
A 1936 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel is worth $0.35. Contact a coin dealer to get today's current market prices.
The necklace itself? A few bucks. The nickel? Worthless if it's been drilled.
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For a quick estimate, check out But note that a standard buffalo nickel in circulated condition usually starts as double its face value, or 10 cents. However, coin values vary depending on year and condition. To know the value for sure, you'll have to take your coin for a professional appraisal.
The best way to confirm the worth of your coin is to use the Blue Book of Coin Values. This will tell you what your coin is worth. The book costs around $10 but you can find it at your local library for free.
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A 1936 Buffalo Nickel, also known as Indian Head, is worth different prices. A plain 1936 is worth around £0.22, a 1936 D is worth around £0.25 and ...
The Indian buffalo nickels are also called Indian head nickels. Those that have a readable date are usually worth at least seven times their face value, which ...
A misprint buffalo nickel is worth approximately seventeen thousand dollars ($17,000). In the United States of America, misprinted nickels where nickels that were ...
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