How much is a 1937 Canadian dollar worth?


If the Canadian dollar is in mint condition then you can get about $100.00 USD for the dollar. However, if it is not in great condition you can expect to get about $18.00 for it.
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The U.S. did not issue any $1 bills in 1937. Please check again and post a new question. Thanks!
Collector value of a note depends on date and condition, including
Since there is no such thing as a US 1937 silver dollar, I am assuming that you mean Canadian. In average circulated condition, it is worth about US$12 and about US$30 in as-new condition
In 1968, after the metal in a silver dollar became worth more than $1, Congress ended the silver guarantee. Millions of silver certificates no longer could be exchanged for a silver
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1664.4955 United States Dollars (USD) is equal to 1937 Canadian Dollars (CAD)
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