How Much is a 1941 Liberty Dime Worth?


A 1941 Liberty dime is worth only about $1.00. This amount can increase if the coin has not been circulated. This is the amount you can get from a coin dealer.
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A 1941 Winged Liberty head Dime - aka - Mercury Dime - in good condition (G4) is worth: $2; if the mint state is MS60, its value rises to: $8.00.
The Liberty dime design was one of two coin designs awarded to German-born sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman also designed the walking Liberty half dollar. Liberty dimes were produced
All Mercury Dimes are worth at least ten times their face value unless they are
It depends on several things. First, the mint mark . a S or D . is on the reverse, left of the long thing at the bottom, called a fasces. Secondly, it depends on the condition. In
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The value of the 1941 dime is at minimum of $2.24 and a maximum of $5.20 depending on the condition of the coin, they quality of coins is grouped into four classes ...
There were two types of Liberty dimes produced in 1929. The first type is the Liberty Head dime and the second is the Winged Liberty dime. Both have values that ...
A 1937 dime is worth $1.00. This dime is 90% silver, and is among the collection of Liberty/Mercury dimes. This is the amount that a coin dealer would offer you ...
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