What is a 1943 copper penny worth?


The first time a copper penny was offered for sale was in 1958 and it fetched £24,800. Going by the three known sales of these pennies, one can fetch from £6,200 to £51,150. The US Mint is of the opinion that only 40 1943 copper pennies exist.
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It is worth about 1,000 through 5,000 dollers.
1. Obtain a large number of pennies. 2. Go to the bank if you do not have a large amount of pennies. Trade in some cash for rolls of pennies. You may want to keep going back to the
A 1943 copper penny is worth $200,000 in circulated
1. Grab some copper pennies. Ad. 2. Turn each penny with the "tails" side up. 3. Sort the wheat pennies into another jar. 4. Examine the front of them with a magnifying
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About 40 1943 copper cents are known to remain in existence. The easiest way to determine if your 1943 cent is copper (and valuable) is to test it with a magnet. If it sticks to the magnet, it is a steel penny, and not valuable.
Because all the pennies from 1943 were struck in silver, there were a few mistakes made where some pennies were struck in copper. To see if you have a valid 1943 copper penny, take a magnet and see if it sticks to the penny. If it sticks, then you have a silver plated penny dipped in copper, which is worth about 12 to 15 cents. If your penny does not stick, check the date on the penny to make sure that the 3 is actually a 3. People used to cut out the outsides of the number 8 to make them look like the number three. If you have the real deal here, go to a coin dealer. They can give the value of the coin directly.
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In 1943 the U.S. Treasury minted its pennies in steel, rather than copper, as copper had to be diverted for the war effort. However, a precious few copper pennies ...
A 1943 silver penny is worth about 12 to 15 cents each in circulated condition, and as much as 50 cents or more if uncirculated. However, the 1943 copper cents ...
There were 12 copper pennies minted in 1943. They are exceedingly rare and worth a bundle - up to $112,500. The rest of the 1943 pennies were made from steel. ...
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