How Much Is a 1945 United States Penny Worth?


how much a 1945 United States penny is worth depends on the condition of the penny. On average, as of 2013 the penny is worth 0.15 cents. A 1945 penny in perfect condition can be worth up to $4.00.
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Your coin shows a common minting problem called a filled-die error. Grease or crud gets into the little recesses of a coin die and blocks a small part of the image from being struck
The 1945 cent is fairly common. With any wear they are all worth le...
A 1945 Penny with an S mint may be worth about $5+, with a D mint it may be about $2 if they don't have any wear. They are worth less than .25 with wear.
i saw on news that a 1940-1970 coin will be $1000-1100.
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