How Much Is a 1945 United States Penny Worth?


how much a 1945 United States penny is worth depends on the condition of the penny. On average, as of 2013 the penny is worth 0.15 cents. A 1945 penny in perfect condition can be worth up to $4.00.
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All 1945 pennies are worth about 10 cents if they are in very fine or better condition. If they are nearly perfect condition you might get as much as 20 cents at the most.You can
Your coin shows a common minting problem called a filled-die error. Grease or crud gets into the little recesses of a coin die and blocks a small part of the image from being struck
The 1945 cent is fairly common. With any wear they are all worth le...
A 1945 Penny with an S mint may be worth about $5+, with a D mint it may be about $2 if they don't have any wear. They are worth less than .25 with wear.
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