How Much Is a 1948 Penny Worth?


After World War 2, many coins were put into circulation to face the economic boom that resulted from the war. Because of this, these coins, such as the 1948 penny, are not worth much to collectors. A 1948 penny can sell for anywhere from 15 cents to $4, depending on its condition, mostly because of the extremely large number of these coins that was minted. Even so, there may be some coins that have minting errors or defects that are worth much more, but these should be evaluated by an expert appraiser.
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Well, I don't know about mine, but yours is worth about 5 or 6 cents. Note also that the word is. penny. rather than "pennie"
Today, a 1948 penny would be worth about three cents. ChaCha again!
What a wheat penny is worth depends on the year it was minted and the condition it is in. If you want to know a reasonable value of it you will need to let a coin dealer look at it.
I need to see a picture of it to tell if it's a penny that was accidentally struck on a silver dime blank, or a copper cent that's been messed with. If it's the first, it could be
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3 to 7 cents in circulated grades. This is not a rare coin. ...
A 1948 penny might not be worth anything, since it's only from the 40s. However if you will feel like the coin is different or unusual then you should take it ...
The 1948 Wheat Back Penny is a US means of exchange used in the year aforementioned. The value of the coin ranges between £0.04 and £0.5 with the variation ...
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