How Much Is a 1948 Two Shilling Coin Worth?


A 1948 two shilling coin is has a listed worth around US$6.50 as its book value. However, it has to be in the brand new, mint-condition.
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Condition is a primary factor in figuring the worth of 1956 two shilling coins. Coins are graded on a scale that runs from poor and fair through extremely fine and several grades
It varies, usually if it is a schilling then its worth not very much B/C it is around the 80s,90s,or 20s. If it is a 14th,15th or 16th century it is worth over 100,000 dollars each.
As of yet, that will probably just be worth face value. In 10 or so years you may
A 1964 Two shilling coin is not worth much at the moment. If it is completely uncirculated, or has an error or something unique about it, you may be able to sell for a higher price,
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