How much is a 1950 five dollar bill worth?


A 1950 five dollar bill is worth the same amount in 2012. This is because it is not old or rare enough to be considered a valuable antique.
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Series 1953 $5 current values: $7 - $80. 1953 $10 current values:
It depends on the bill's condition and series. The series is a letter that may or may not appear next to the date 1950. The printed year is often kept the same for a particular design
Not Financial Advice: Does it have a series letter below the date? If not, it may be worth about $10-$20 depending on collector demand.
The two dollar bill is a rare denomination. The two dollar bill was last printed in series 2003 (as of 2009) Out of a total American currency circulation of several hundred billion
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