How Much is a 1950 Series a 10 Dollar Bill Worth?


A 1950 series A ten dollar bill is worth twice its value. The ten dollar bill has a value of twenty dollars, Of course, its best to consult an expert in the field.
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To clear things up, it's from the Federal Reserve District of New York. The Bank of New York is a commercial enterprise like Wells Fargo or PNC, and doesn't issue money. Please see
So many were printed that unless it is uncirculated it isn't worth more than
In a grade of extra fine he note sells for $15 so a dealer will not pay much over face value. It is not a scarce or rare note. Being miscut a little never adds value but takes away.
Not Financial Advice: Does it have a series letter below the date? If not, it may be worth about $10-$20 depending on collector demand.
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