How much is a 1953 two-dollar bill with a red seal worth?


Depending on whether or not the bill had been circulated, 1953 b series red seal 5 dollar bills can be worth eight to thirty-two dollars. They have really become a collectible.
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In circulated condition, 1953 red-ink $5 bills are worth anywhere from face value to $8 depending on the amount of wear. If the bill is uncirculated, it might retail for about $12
If it's worn about like the average bill you get in change, you'd probably get offered about $5 for it if you sold it to a dealer. If there is a star at the beginning of the serial
These notes are fairly common. You might get $7-10 for
How much is b 1953 two dollar bill red seal? How much is b 1953 five dollar bill red seal?
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Many collectors started saving money from around that year so it's not worth that much. It depends on where you are selling it. Some places are going to tell you ...
According to Old Currency Values, a red seal five dollar bill from 1928 is worth $7 in circulated condition. These bills can be worth about double in uncirculated ...
You will need to know the grade, the condition, the series number and the variation in order to get an exact value amount. For example, the 1935 series is worth ...
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