How Much Is a 1953 Red Seal Two Dollar Bill Worth?


Depending on whether or not the bill had been circulated, 1953 b series red seal 5 dollar bills can be worth eight to thirty-two dollars. They have really become a collectible.
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Despite its age and now-unusual design, 1953 $5 U.S. Notes are common among collectors. As of 07/2009 auction prices for a circulated Series B bill range from face value to $8 depending
A lot of them were produced and are still available. A local coin shop will possibly pay you $5.50 for it. You could sell it yourself on Craigslist for $7. They are mostly fun to
A 1953 B 5 dollar bill is worth $5 to $8 depending on condition, for both
How much it is worth monetarily does greatly depend on the condition of it. Flying Blue Eagle is a person on this site who has current documentation as to the monetary values of currency
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Depending on its condition and the series, a 1928 red seal five dollar bill can be worth as much as $40. Other similar bills in perfect condition can bring in ...
This is not a rare note. In average circulated condition they are worth $2.25 to $5. In uncirculated condition they are worth around $12. ...
You will need to know the grade, the condition, the series number and the variation in order to get an exact value amount. For example, the 1935 series is worth ...
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