How Much Is a 1956 Dime Worth?


1956 dime is about £1.88 woth .
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1956 - about $1.20. 1965 - no silver, so it's worth 10 cents.
A 1956 silver dime is worth about 82 cents for it's silver and copper. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
Find a large selection of dimes. Your best bet is if you can come across a stash of coins from an estate or grandma's attic. You can also check eBay for un-searched rolls of old dimes
whats it worth any they any contect out for who found it a 24k gold 2011 dime.
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The value of your dime depends on it's mint mark and condition. A dime with no mint mark and that is in average condition, is worth between $2 and $8. A dime with ...
A dime is a coin that is worth ten cents. Some of the older silver dimes are worth much more than the amount of a ten cent dime we use to today. The face value ...
A 1911 S Barber dime can be worth anywhere between $3 and $400, depending on its condition, with a perfect, uncirculated coin bringing in the higher amount. The ...
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