How Much Is a 1956 Dime Worth?


1956 dime is about £1.88 woth .
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1956 - about $1.20. 1965 - no silver, so it's worth 10 cents.
A 1956 silver dime is worth about 82 cents for it's silver and copper. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
Well, in Canada, where I am, and in the United States of America, a dime is worth 10 pennies. You can't buy much with a dime. You can't even use it to make a phone call anymore.
Find a large selection of dimes. Your best bet is if you can come across a stash of coins from an estate or grandma's attic. You can also check eBay for un-searched rolls of old dimes
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A 1956 penny is not worth much. It's only worth about 3 - 4 cents. This is the amount a coin dealer would offer you. Sellers over at ebay, sell uncirculated 1956 ...
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