How much is a 1956 Nash Metropolitan worth?


The Nash Metropolitan was a car that was manufactured in the US and Canada between the years of 1954-1962. A 1956 Nash Metropolitan is worth between three to six thousand dollars. This subcompact car is considered by many to be a classic.
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Assuming this is a running car, any where between $6000 and $18000 if it is a coupe, and between $7000 and $250000 if it is a convertible.
Nash Metropolitan came to its end in 1962, fewer than 110,000 were sold.
Condition is a primary factor in figuring the worth of 1956 two shilling coins. Coins are graded on a scale that runs from poor and fair through extremely fine and several grades
Pre-A's are always worth more than A's, because there are so many fewer of them BUT they have to be complete and essentially perfect because finding the parts to make them so is almost
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