How Much is a 1956 Penny Worth?


A 1956 penny is not worth much. It's only worth about 3 - 4 cents. This is the amount a coin dealer would offer you. Sellers over at ebay, sell uncirculated 1956 pennies for about 90 cents each.
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One Cent Actually Most dealers will pay 1.5 - 3 cents for common wheat cents
The 1956 penny is worth about three times its value $.0035 ChaCha!!
The quick answer is that it is not worth very much. The longer answer is that, like with most collectible coins, its worth is determined by condition as much, or more, than age. Is
What a wheat penny is worth depends on the year of the penny, the mint that it came from, and the condition of it. The older and better condition it is in increases the worth. If
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The 1956 penny can be worth about five cents if it is in really good shape. These pennies are real cooper and can hold a good high value if in good condition. ...
A 1955 penny can be worth $500. If you have a Roosevelt silver dime, it can be worth 35 cents to $1. If it is a winged liberty dime that is mercury, it can be ...
The approximate value of a 1956 wheat penny is 0.02 British pounds sterling. All wheat pennies have at least triple their face value if not they are badly damaged ...
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