How much is a 1959 Lincoln penny worth?


A 1959 Lincoln penny is only worth the face value of the coin, which is just a penny. People are even selling the uncirculated ones that are a 1959-D online, and wanting 99 cents for them, but still having problems getting that amount. I think it would be safe to say that your penny is worth a penny.
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Lincoln Memorial pennies have been issued since 1959, and unless they are
Is it shiny red or has it turned brown? Shiny red uncirculated coins can be bought for as little as a dollar. - which, when you stop and think about it, is a heck of a percentage
Worth a penny, unless uncirculated or proof. Some collector might buy it for more, though. Revised. As of mid-2009 there have been no reports of "mule" cents dated 2009
The date is worn, but still easily visible for a penny to be in good condition. The lines in the wheat heads are also missing. Lincoln's face can have a fair amount of wear. A 1934
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