How Much is a 1959 Penny Worth?


A 1959 penny is worth one penny. This is a Lincoln penny, and it's not rare at all. This is not only what a coin dealer would offer you, but it's what any one is going to offer you.You might as well spend it at the grocery store.
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The 1959-D Lincoln cent is still in circulation today, the coin is face value.
I'd say about one cent. Seriously, I don't think 1959 is old enough for it to be a collector's item yet, unless it's part of some obscure series that there isn't very many coins of.
The 1959 Half Penny is being sold online for $4.59.
What a wheat penny is worth depends on the year of the penny, the mint that it came from, and the condition of it. The older and better condition it is in increases the worth. If
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A 1959 Lincoln penny is only worth the face value of the coin, which is just a penny. People are even selling the uncirculated ones that are a 1959-D online, ...
A 1959 penny might not be worth anything except a penny. But if you feel like it may be worth something you can always take it to a coin dealer. They will be able ...
Virtually all US cent coins are worth one cent and no more unless you have coins that are older than 1959 and in good condition. There was a 1972 double die penny ...
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