How much is a 1963 American five dollar bill worth?


From what I can gather, a 1963 American five dollar bill is only worth face value if it has been circulated. If it is circulated it may be worth 7 dollars. However, if it has a red stamp it can be worth up to 20 dollars.
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In perfect uncirculated condition, a 1963 $5 note is worth between $15-20. In normal used condition, it is worth exactly $5.
A 1963 $10 bill is worth $54.96 (using the GDP deflator) to $223.53 (using
There have been so many made of these that only the uncirculated ones (no wear) have any significant value above face value, $1-3. report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February
My local coin dealer would sell that particular note for $8 (and has several in stock most of the time) He would pay $5.50 - $6 for it unless it was in as-new condition. A note with
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