How Much Is a 1964 Silver Half Dollar Worth?


Depending on the mint that produced the 1964 Silver Half Dollar, it is worth between $10.00 and $46.00. The 1964 Silver Half Dollar is also known as the Kennedy Half Dollar. There were more than 400,000,000 of these coins minted after Kennedy's assassination.
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1964 Kennedy half dollars were minted at both Philadelphia and Denver mints. There were 273 million half dollars minted in Philadelphia and 156 million minted in Denver. The 1964
The scrap price of a silver half depends on the current spot price of silver. As of 10/20/2009 scrap buyers are paying around 10x face value for pre-1965 90% silver US coins. That
I am not sure there were silver certificates that old however I can find no information on one from that year or any year before 1862. You might want to search for a dealer or two
Washington 1962 silver quarter is $2. Kennedy 1964 Silver Half Doll...
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How Much Is a 1964 Silver Half Dollar Worth?
The Kennedy half dollar was introduced in 1964 after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It replaced the Benjamin Franklin half dollar. 1964 is the only year the Kennedy half dollar was minted in 90 percent silver.... More »
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