How much is a 1970 penny worth?


Depending on the mint stamp n your penny, it could be worth one cent, two cents, three cents or maybe even three dollars. Different Lincoln Memorial pennies were minted in 1970 and the mint stamp will determine the value. The condition of a coin also determines the value of it.
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The US never made any gold 1 cent coins, the color is likely just toning and the coin has face value.
Unless it's a double-die penny it's only worth 1¢. If you watched the video yourself it explains that point. Coins get to be valuable for one reason, they are rare. Either not
These "Lincoln Facing Kennedy" pennies were made by private compani...
Good. The date is worn, but still easily visible for a penny to be in good condition. The lines in the wheat heads are also missing. Lincoln's face can have a fair amount of wear.
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