How much is a 1972 Pirelli calendar worth?


A rare Pirelli 1972 calendar - boxed is worth about £45.00. The 1972 pirelli calendar was shot by Sarah Moon. The Pirelli Calendar is perhaps the world's only prestigious and exclusive calendar, featuring pictures generally considered glamour photography including artistic nudes.
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I used to work for Pirelli and got 4 Pirelli Calendars, full size, and I am wondering how much just one of these is worth. I'm not looking to make a fortune, but I do want some money
It is worth up to 50 pounds. The prices vary on condition, type, etc. Check for yourself here:… . I hope that this helps and good luck
If it was found in change face value, a nice uncirculated coin maybe 25 cents.
Depends on the exact model your talking about I see some for around 900 up to a
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