How much is a 1975 quarter worth?


There is nothing special about a 1975 quarter, it is worth .25 cents. Some quarters that contain silver or are rare can be worth some money
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A 1975 quarter contains no silver and is not the slightest bit rare. It's worth exactly 25 cents. NOTE: No U.S. quarters are dated 1975. The coins struck in 1975 all have the dual
The coin was minted in one of three cities-Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco. About 54 million quarters were minted in Philadelphia in 1954, about 42 million were minted in Denver
A 1975 Swedish kroner is worth $279.95 in U.S. dollars in good cond...
It's a Bicentennial Quarter that's still in circulation, more than 1.5 Billion were minted so you can spend it. It's worth 25 cents.
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