How much is a 1975 quarter worth?


There is nothing special about a 1975 quarter, it is worth .25 cents. Some quarters that contain silver or are rare can be worth some money
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All US Quarters made in 1975 & 1976 have the dual date 1776-1976 so if the coin has a date of 1975 it's not a US coin. This is partially true, however the 1975 quarter does exist
The coin was minted in one of three cities-Philadelphia, Denver or San Francisco. About 54 million quarters were minted in Philadelphia in 1954, about 42 million were minted in Denver
Unless the coin is in proof or uncirculated condition, it's only worth a quarter. It's part of the series honoring the states, territories, and other jurisdictions of the U.S. Six
All 1988 quarters should have a mint mark next to the tail of Washington's wig - P for Philadelphia, D for Denver; or S for San Francisco on proof coins. If there isn't a mint mark
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