How Much Is a 1977 Silver Dollar Worth?


There are a lot of rare coins that are being counterfeited right now because they cost a lot of money. The 1977 silver dollar is worth about $5. But there are still times when they are still counterfeited because people think that they cost more than $100.
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Sorry no silver in this coin and it has only face value.
If the 1977 silver dollar is in mint condition, it is worth around 4-5
If either of them have any wear on them at all, they're worth $1. If the coins are "uncirculated", then the Eisenhower dollar (1977) might bring you $5 for a nicer than
The Eisenhower silver dollar was one of the first large denomination coins to be issued after the five-year ban. Eisenhower dollars were minted in Denver, San Francisco and Philadelphia
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