How much is a first class stamp in the United Kingdom?


1st class stamps cost 0.46p for parcels that weigh up to 100g. With the stamp, one is guaranteed delivery of the mail the next working day up to a maximum weight of 20kgs. The stamps are available in books, sheets or rolls and you can obtain more information from the Royal Mail website.
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A first class stamp for a standard letter upto 100 grams is currently 46p (as of 30th November 2011)
32p Source(s): Post Office
A First Class stamp in the United States is worth 44 cents. Each 44 cent stamp will mail a 1/oz envelope. Anything weighing more than 3/oz should be take to your post office and mailed
1'st class stamp: 42 cents, postcards: 27 cents. On
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In the UK, First Class Stamp is 46 pence per 100 grams of documents envelop. For the parcels, rates vary with weight. More info is at;
First class mail aims to deliver your letter or packet by the first working day after posting, including Saturday. It costs just 41p for letters weighing up to 100g that are no more than 5mm thick and up to C5 in size.
A 1st class stamp in United Kingdom is worth around 46 pence. You can check the value of a 1st class stamp at
As of the year 2010, the cost of a first class stamp class was approximately 41p an increase of 5.1%. The price for a large letter first class stamp was 66p up by 5p (8.2%). The second class stamp was 32p an increase of 6.7% respectively.
The cost of a first class stamp depends on the size and the weight of the letter or packet. Accordingly, the cost may fall between 45p and 2.75 pounds. For more details visit:
A stamp is used to used for postage services. There are different prices for stamps depending on the weight of the letter you are sending among other things. A First Class stamp in the UK will cost you about £4.92 .
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