How much is a 2-cent stamp worth?


The worth of a 2 cent stamp is depending on if it is a Washington stamp or a Jefferson one. If it is a Washington one, it is worth about $5.00. For the Jefferson series, it is worth around $2.50.
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Without knowing what picture is on the stamp it is hard to determine the worth, it is probably
there is no definitive answer, there are many different types of 2 cent red Washington stamps. also condition ,centring and whether or not the stamp is used contribute to the value.
The value of old stamps varies according to place of origin. Stamp collecting is often very much a national affair. Each country has its own philatelic societies and issues of interest
That will depend on the specific 8 cent stamps you have and what country it is from. The condition, cancellations, what it is attached to, watermarks, perforations and even color
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