How much is a 2-cent stamp worth?


The worth of a 2 cent stamp is depending on if it is a Washington stamp or a Jefferson one. If it is a Washington one, it is worth about $5.00. For the Jefferson series, it is worth around $2.50.
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There are a hundreds of 2 cent stamps. You will have to consult an online catalog for information to figure out which one you have. That will provide you an estimate on the value.
Retail around 20 cents if bought singly. 1 cent or less used. Wholesale no
Scott #2226 can be purchased used or mint for about 15 cents.
Maybe Scott #1036/#1058 - Purple sheet/mint ??? You can purchase one of them mint for about 30 or 40 cents, used for about 15. Scott #1116 - Horizontal Blue Commemorative This would
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