How much is a 2-cent stamp worth?


The worth of a 2 cent stamp is depending on if it is a Washington stamp or a Jefferson one. If it is a Washington one, it is worth about $5.00. For the Jefferson series, it is worth around $2.50.
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2 cents. Unless the stamp is a collector's item (which very few are) an un-circulated U.S. stamp retains the same value as the day it was sold.
Without knowing what picture is on the stamp it is hard to determine the worth, it is probably
Old stamps can either be worthless or worth a lot of money. You would have to research the specific stamp you are wondering about to see how much it is worth.
32 cents! obviously.
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A 1903 2 cent Washington stamp in red is not worth much right now. I did a search on eBay using their completed search function and found that none have sold recently ...
It depends on what president is on the stamp. However, regardless of which president it is, the stamp will not be worth too much. At it's best, maybe a dollar. ...
How much an 8 cent Eisenhower stamp is worth varies depending on its condition and printing year. On average, these stamps are worth about ten to forty cents. ...
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