How much is a 2-cent stamp worth?


The worth of a 2 cent stamp is depending on if it is a Washington stamp or a Jefferson one. If it is a Washington one, it is worth about $5.00. For the Jefferson series, it is worth around $2.50.
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John Adams appears on a number of 2 cent stamps. Consult an online catalog for information to figure out which one you have. That will provide you an estimate on the value.
Without knowing what picture is on the stamp it is hard to determine the worth, it is probably
Answer $1 or so if it's a current copper-plated zinc planchet, $2 or $3 if it's an older planchet made of solid bronze. A zinc planchet will weigh 2.5 gm while a solid bronze one
Depending on the 1 and a half cent stamp that you have, it could be
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