How Much Is a 20 for Weed?


The cost for a 20 of weed all depends on who you purchase it from. A 20 will weight around 2 grams which should cost $25.00 depending on the type. Remember marijuana is illegal in most states and is not recommended for anyone who it's not prescribed for.
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Assuming you are asking how much weed you get for 20 dollars, it depends on many factors. Generally, low quality pot goes 3.5 grams for 20 dollars, and high quality goes 1 gram for
A twenty is an eighth of an ounce (which is twice a dime bag, at a
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Are you sure you're in the right section? The weed you're reefering (pun alert) to isn't thistle or crab 'Grass' is it? 20 is 10x2 so your math seems right. Try the Law and Ethics
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