How Much Is a 40 Oz of Smirnoff Ice?


The cost of a 40 oz of Smirnoff Ice varies by location. However most malt liquors in 40 oz sizes cost around 3 to 4 dollars. In Arizona its 12 dollars.
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Smirnoff Ice does not come in 40 ounce bottles. The largest bottle is 24 ounces.
in arizona its 12 dollars.
It depends on your weight, gender, & tolerance. 1 Smirnoff Ice, of any flavor, contains 5% alcohol by volume.
Look on the bottle dipshit.
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Smirnoff Ice has an alcohol content of approximately 4.7 to 5% depending on the flavor. This drink also has a high level of sodium and carbohydrates. ...
Smirnoff Ice is a brand of malt liquor, and is a popular alternative to beer. The drink has a similar alcohol content to beer as well. Six packs of Smirnoff can ...
Smirnoff Ice costs different amounts depending on numerous factors. Factors include things such as region. It also depends on the size of the drink and the flavors ...
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