How Much is a 50 Dollar Gold Coin Worth?


The value of your fifty dollar gold coin depends highly on the current price of gold. A fifty dollar gold coin contains one ounce of gold. Your coin may be worth about $600.
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so far i guess from everything i observed its worth between $800 - $1000 dollars Though i could be wrong but people everywhere are selling that coin at that price
Not gold, but brass and nickel. It's a common circulation coin worth face value only. Canada got rid of its $1 bills back in the late 1980s and has used their version of "golden
Please post a new question with more details (you can use the Discussion section if you need extra space) All US Mint "golden" (actually brass) dollars dated 2000 carry
I hope you know the coin is not gold, just gold colored. Unless it's a proof coin it's only worth a dollar.
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