How Much is a 50 Dollar Gold Coin Worth?


The value of your fifty dollar gold coin depends highly on the current price of gold. A fifty dollar gold coin contains one ounce of gold. Your coin may be worth about $600.
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1980 50 Dollar Canadian 1 ounce Gold coin is worth Spot Gold minus 5-10% if you are selling and costs Gold spot plus 5-10% if you are buying.So on 10/31/09 you could buy one for about
That depends on the size and age of the coin. A small, young coin wouldn't be worth more than $200, but an old, large coin would be worth about $200k. Yes, but .. It depends on its
I have several of these coins.I am also a professional coin expert.It would be worth anywhere from a dollar to five dollars depending on the date.
As of 10/2008, retail values are roughly: $265 in worn condition $1100 with moderate wear $2000 with almost no wear
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