How Much is a 50 Dollar Gold Coin Worth?


The value of your fifty dollar gold coin depends highly on the current price of gold. A fifty dollar gold coin contains one ounce of gold. Your coin may be worth about $600.
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1980 50 Dollar Canadian 1 ounce Gold coin is worth Spot Gold minus 5-10% if you are selling and costs Gold spot plus 5-10% if you are buying.So on 10/31/09 you could buy one for about
The 2010 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof is currently
If it's an American coin, it sounds like you've got a American Gold Eagle. They've got one troy ounce of gold, so the uncirculated version is selling for about $1400. If you sold
The first silver dollars were minted in 1794 and 1795, and were marked by the flowing hair of Liberty on the front. This coin is extremely rare and is valued at around $650,000 in
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