How Much is a 500 Pesos Coin Worth?


The current conversion rate as of the close of the world financial market on November 19, 2010 is .08 US dollars for every Mexican peso. Therefore 500 Mexican pesos has a value of $40.65 US dollars.
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$37.383. However exchange rates change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date within 24 hours. You need to check a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the
Number one, you posted this in Travel Mexico. You coin is from the country of Colombia. But as of this minute, using a currency converter, your 500 peso coin is worth $0.27. That
35.2199 U.S. dollars are equal to
Hman - you are incorrect. You are thinking of centavos. The current value of $1000 peso coin is approximately $84 US. Hyper-inflation in
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As of December 11, 2012 the value of 500 Mexican Pesos is $39.25 in American money. Values of currency change often. Sometimes daily depending on market conditions ...
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