How Much Is a Arnex Pocket Watch Worth?


The price of an Arnex Pocket Watch varies greatly depending on what kind of condition the pocket watch is in and who is selling the watch. You can find vintage Arnex pocket watches on various auction sites. The price can range anywhere from $50 in fair condition to over $200 in good condition.
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An Arnex Quartz pocket watch can be anywhere from $10 to a couple hundred
Arnex makes some wonderful watches. They have beautiful enamel work that really increases the value of the watch. The range of a Arnex can go from $20.00 to $2,000 but to really know
The replacement price of a pocket watch as established by an insurance company is often the basis for a watch's value. However, there are many other factors to take into consideration
since i can't see it or know the brand; i can't really tell you much. but its priceless since your gpa gave it to ya. plus it could save your life some day.
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