How Much Is a Beatles 45 Record Worth Today?


How much a Beatles 45 record is worth today depends on which record it is and what condition it is in. For example 'My Bonnie' and 'The Saints' which were released in 1962 are worth around $750.
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i can download it for free. and it takes up no space in my house. and i can carry it in my ipod. so i would say that selling it would be hard, when other options are so much more
In 1962, a rare UK 45 record of "My Bonnie" and "The Saints" featuring the original band name "Tony Sheridan and the Beatles" was released. It is valued
well it all depends on alot of things, the songs that are on them, for example i have hey jude/revolution, which was the first 45 with 2 #1 singles on it, but i have the second pressing
"Yesterday and Today" album (1966) sold for $38,000 in 1996. Usually
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The value of 45 records depends on several things such as: the artist, the condition the records are in, which albums you have and how rare they are. Usually you ...
The Beatles were one of those bands that have changed the concept of music. Their records could fetch quite a price if they are still in their original sleeves ...
The value would depend on the record's condition. Most Beatles records aren't worth nearly as much as anticipated or hoped for because so many copies were sold ...
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