How Much Is a Beer in Prague?


In Prague, prices of beer in pubs range from £0.65 - £2.15 for half a litre. Most Czechs and travellers all over the world declare that Czech beer is the best in the world. Incidentally, Czechs consume more beer than any other nation in the world.
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A bottle of beer in Prague sells for between £0.72 and £1.25. This will vary depending on the location from where you are buying and the size of the beer you have ordered. However, to avoid being ripped off after drinking, always check the menu of beer prices, which is usually displayed outside the pub.
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as of 2009, in the center of Prague you can expect to pay from 25-40Kc for a 0.5l beer at a 'cheap' to 'average' place. Most Czechs would think twice before paying more than 30-35Kc
I studied abroad in Prague last fall. I had this very same question entering my experience. The real answer is that there are many high-quality and authentic pubs that serve Czech
In supermarket you can find for 3 krona's it is 12 euro cents.also the most expensive is 1 euro. But if you ask for the bars from 1 to 2.5 euro per glass. The most expensive place
It depends on exactly where you go and what beer you're drinking. This interactive beer map of Prague has the information you need:
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The cost of a pint of beer in prague ranges from £0.25 to £1.00 . ...
Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic The Czech Republic is bordered by Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. The average cost of domestic beer is ...
A beer in Prague costs about £1 while inside Prague it is £1.57. ...
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