How Much Is a Bicentennial Half Dollar Worth?


Just how much a Bicentennial Kennedy half dollar is worth depends on its condition. Most Bicentennial half dollars sell for between $2 and $2.50. The US mint produced nearly 300 million of these coins, so they are not very rare.
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None of the Bicentennial coins regardless of denomination or mintmark struck for general circulation contain any silver or have more than face value. Only proof and uncirculated collectors
A silver dollar is worth about $10 for its silver value. For the $10 price the condition does not matter, nor does the year (as long as it is before 1965) A few years and mint marks
Bicentennial 1789 1989 half dollar worth is worth $17.60.
1964 Kennedy half dollars were minted at both Philadelphia and Denver mints. There were 273 million half dollars minted in Philadelphia and 156 million minted in Denver. The 1964
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Depending on its silver content, a Bicentennial Silver Dollar could be worth anywhere between $2 and $4. It also depends on the year in which it was minted. ...
What an American Revolution Bicentennial coin is worth depends on the coin type. An uncirculated half-dollar or Type I uncirculated dollar can be worth up to $1.00 ...
The worth of a 1971 half dollar could be worth various amounts. The value is determined on things like condition. Check with a coin dealer for an estimate. ...
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