How Much Is a Bicentennial Quarter Worth?


A bicentennial quarter is worth face value, or 25 cents. They can be worth as much as 5 to 10 cents over face value if they are in pristine condition. Bicentennial quarters were minted in 1976.
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If you found it in pocket change, it's worth twenty-five cents. If it was struck for circulation but has been kept in uncirculated condition, it may be worth about $2. If it was struck
A bicentennial quarter in circulated condition is worth 25 cents. In
first of all, if it was made in 2001, it is not a bicentennial quarter. Second its probably worn off. Id estimate its worth about 25 cents.
Uncirculated mint sets of bicentennial quarters sell upwards of $10, for proven silver ones, upwards of $100, but for basic "polished" ones, less than $1.
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All circulating bicentennial coins are worth their face value. If the coin has not been circulated, or is in mint condition, it may be worth $10. Further worth ...
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