How Much Is a Bicentennial Silver Dollar Worth?


Depending on its silver content, a Bicentennial Silver Dollar could be worth anywhere between $2 and $4. It also depends on the year in which it was minted.
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7-19-11> None of the Bicentennial coins regardless of denomination or mintmark struck for general circulation contain any silver or have more than face value. Only proof and uncirculated
The Liberty Silver dollars minted to celebrate the US bicentennial in good condition
For a Morgan dollar to be in very fine condition, most of Lady Liberty's hair lines must still be visible and her ear must be defined, yet the feathers on the eagle's breast are well
Absolutely nothing, they're worthless, just like confederate money. But, because I feel sorry for you, I'll take them all off your hands for a nickel apiece. Kidding. They're worth
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