How much is a book of stamps?


The value of stamps you need to stick on your mail depends on which service you use, the size and weight. Current book of stamps 12x First class costs £4.92, 12x Second class costs £3.84, 6x first class costs £2.46.
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In the United States of America the current cost for a postage stamp is .44 cents. This would be for a first class letter weighing up to one ounce. You can find more information here
$8.20 for a book of twenty at 41 cents a stamp,
1. Tear or cut out around the stamp in the book. Leave a small margin of paper around the stamp. 2. Fill a pan or bowl with warm water. The water should be warm, not hot. 3. Place
There is no extra charge for the book and I think they all contain 20 stamps, so $8.40 for current first class stamps.
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