How much is a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label ?


The cost for a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label will depend on the location it is purchased in. A bottle can cost $200 or more. It is a very expensive blended scotch whiskey.
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The cost of Johnny walker blue lable is around $150 to $200 depending where your located. Its a great whiskey even though the price tag is high. A serial number is on every bottle
It depends on where you buy it, of course, but most of the
Around AUD$75.00.
If you're lucky and find a sale, it might be $160. Count on $200 - $220. If you buy it online for $80 bucks or so, bet you get taxed before you can pick it up. Oh, by the way, it's
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Johnnie Walker Blue Label is not bottled with a statement of its age. It is a blended whisky that is meant to suggest the flavor of early 19th century whiskies.Other ...
Find The Best lists the price of a 750 ml bottle of Johnny Walker Green Label Scotch Whiskey at approximately $45. The local price varies depending on where it ...
Johnny Walker Blue varies greatly in cost as of December 24, 2012. The cost depends on the age and the store selling it. The average bottle will cost $189.99. ...
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