How Much is a Brake Job?


A brake job for your car will vary depending on where you take it. You can take it a big shop and you may be paying more. If you have a family member or friend that can do the project, they might charge less.
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How much a brake job is depends on the model of the car and how much work needs to be done. Some brake systems can be repaired with very little work, while others might need to be completely overhauled.
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You can do a brake job by first jacking the car up and removing the tires. Remove the old brake discs, and inspect the calipers for damage. Install new brake discs and put the tires
A very large hydraulic jack. Use a jack to lift the vehicle and remove the wheels. Unless you have a set of jack stands as well, it is best to change the brakes one wheel at a time.
Depending on the quality of the brake pads, the price can change. Figure the mechanic's labor rate at about $85/hour (not sure in your area) and the project should take 30 minutes
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The price can vary when paying for a brake job, so take your car to someone who won't cheat you. The regular price for a break job can range form $50 to $150 ...
A brake job can vary depending on wher you go to have it done. It should cost around $59.95 for two wheels. The parts will cost you extra. ...
How much a brake job will cost depends on what you need done and location. If you need a master cylinder, it may cost between $200 to $300. If it is pads you need ...
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