How Much is a Canadian Two Dollar Bill Worth?


With the current exchange rate being about equal, a Canadian two dollar bill is worth about two United States Dollars. We do not use as many two dollar bills in the United States as are used in Canada; they never really caught on here in the States.
Q&A Related to "How Much is a Canadian Two Dollar Bill Worth?"
Its worth two dollars maybey if you save it for a wile it wil be worth more.
The two dollar bill is a rare denomination. The two dollar bill was last printed in series 2003 (as of 2009) Out of a total American currency circulation of several hundred billion
One US dollar is equal to .8975 of a Canadian dollar.
Would they still accept the bill? Well, it would obviously still be worth 2 dollars if anything at all. If it is in good conditions then save it for 100 years and it's bound to be
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