How Much is a Canadian Two Dollar Bill Worth?


With the current exchange rate being about equal, a Canadian two dollar bill is worth about two United States Dollars. We do not use as many two dollar bills in the United States as are used in Canada; they never really caught on here in the States.
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Canadian dollar is worth C$1.0521 compared to $1 United States Dollar. So really it just depends which country you are taking it to, to determine how much it is worth.
Its worth two dollars maybey if you save it for a wile it wil be worth more.
Most Canadian silver dollars from 1935 to 1966 are trading just above silver's melt value, which makes it an easy coin for collectors to get for $20 to $25 (U.S) Because of melting
The 1972 $2 bill would be worth nothing since it was not printed until
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If you $2.00 bill is one or the rarer ones with prefix and signature combination such as, ARX, AUL, or BRX they may be worth up to $125.00. Otherwise,it is still ...
I think everyone has several of those stashed away in a drawer. Most people keep them for the novelty factor. They are currently worth $2. Maybe sometime in the ...
The very first $2 dollar bill was printed and in circulation in 1976. The latest $2 dollar bill was printed in 2003. As of today, the $2 bill is worth $2. You ...
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